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It's been several months since we hear of a hypothetical city in development at BMW, but so far nothing, no information or confirmation from BMW, no test vehicle surprised either on the roads. Clearly, we have almost nothing what appears to be yet a chimera, but Spanish journalists transmit a layer explaining that the Bavarian brand is in flooring train on the subject.

Obviously, we must take such information with caution, particularly as BMW has already clearly stated that the brand would not make car smaller than the 1 Series Still, BMW has the opportunity and reason to produce such self. Opposite, already sells Audi A1, and demonstrated that a premium manufacturer could be credible in the B segment of urban women. In addition, BMW has the famous platform UKL used by the group before transmission cars (Mini, mostly), and would be ideal for a car under the 1 Series.

The mobile and evidence sometimes not sufficient to convict a guilty of murder, should also confess. And on that side, BMW makes the miser. The only reason that would explain that BMW refuses to produce such a vehicle is the internal competition that city to the propeller would, with three and five doors Mini ...

The new BMW 1 Series trunk still waiting to be presented from every angle and the few information about him still out in dribs and drabs.
With the BMW Compact Sedan concept that the Munich firm could foreshadow an outline of its new compact extended. Some time before his presentation that approaches apace, leaks showing some items have been posted on the web (to see in their entirety on this link).

It shows the front of the C-pillars, rear fenders and trunk. Not enough to discover the beast full but enough to make a slightly better idea of ​​what to look for this vehicle probably China.

Regarding its bottom, one will find the UKL1 own platform for compact models of the German group. then wait for the next generation 1 Series five-door marketed mainly in Europe who could share many elements with this box cousin.

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