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It is no secret that the mobile phone business to Sony is not doing well. Over time, Sony has brought to market many top terminal with configurations and invested in the development of new devices, even if sales did not go on an upward curve for years. For this reason, there have been rumors for some time of the sale of the phones in the company.

Moreover, in October last year, CEO Kazuo Hirai said that more mobile division had, in principle, one year to reach zero by the ratio between expenditure and profit. If this does not happen, think about other options. Despite this, Sony continues to launch mobile phones and Xperia XA Ultra is the newest model on the market. In terms of design, it resembles most terminals Sony.

The main issues that impresses us your two cameras are mounted. According to The Verge, the face has no less than 16 megapixels and has flash and optical image stabilization, so that XA Xperia Ultra is one of the best terminals enthusiasts Selfies. On the other hand, Exmor RS sensor on the back of 21.5 megapixels is equipped with patented "Quick Launch" and hybrid autofocus.

 The phone has an impressive 6-inch display that supports full HD resolution, MediaTek MT6755 processor that hides with eight cores, 3GB RAM and 16GB storage capacity. The latter, fortunately, can be added to other 200GB via microSD card slot. The phone will be available in July in three colors: white, black and gold. We do not know very much about the price, but the device would be marketed internationally.

If someone thinks that now is a simple Google search engine on the Internet, profoundly wrong. "In the online environment, when something is free, the product really you." Seems to be the motto of specialists in computer security.
As we know, Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps ... services are "free". True, we do not pay any money for using them, but we offer something valuable in return: privacy.
Using the Internet activity of users, Google can determine what their tastes, he intends to travel, whether or not the person is passionate about sport.
Phone Tracker
Google tracks activity for all people using the search engine or any other service, write
In fact, account creation, when we consent regarding the terms and conditions of use, we are warned that the information that the company "collected" will be used for various purposes, eg advertising.
Thus, not by chance, when you read your favorite newspaper, a banner ad appears which lists the shoes that I've admired earlier on another web page.

Those who have a Gmail account, I can see the report about their activity conducted by Google at Web Activity and Applications.  Here, Google retains all the old searches and content pages accessed using Chrome.

If the user wants, you can eliminate all this data, but Google warns that it would not be a good choice, since 'ability to provide personalized search results will be limited. "

Location history is another function that perfectly reflects the manner in which Google acknowledges every move we make. On the map, you can see both locations the user has visited, and those who intend to visit.
Obviously, the same applies to searches on YouTube. Depending on the tracks or videos you've heard or viewed previously suggested reopening the page like we are.

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