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American football comes back and does it with all of the law in our country. After some deliveries that were not officially distributed in Spain - as a result of digital stores and proposals such as EA Access - The company has decided to give an opportunity to a franchise that in the United States has more or more pull than FIFA in Europe, Although it is true that our home is very far away from American football except for the Superbowl (and often, not even this). In any case, lovers of sports are in luck because before us we have not only a recreation more than faithful of the American sport king, but before a great exponent of the genre.

Madden is a long-running saga (in 2013 it was the 15th installment with Madden 25) and it continues at the foot of the barrel with a formula that lovers of the simulation stand out for their multiple possibilities and for being sufficiently accessible so that those who want More "action" can enjoy it. It is true that those who are not familiar with the sport can get lost with certain sanctions, not knowing when the possession of a team attack and other things ends, but it is nothing that can be learned by browsing the Internet if the game really attracts attention.

One of the many differences between football and rugby is that in the first case, the figure of the star may shine at certain times above the collective, something that is not so present in the sport of European court (Due to the rules of pass that one and another sport have, among other things). And that translates perfectly to the playability of the game. Starting with the offensive tasks, we have before us an endless number of mechanics to try to achieve our main objective: the touchdown. We have a lot of strategy plays that mark what the team will do when the ball is in motion and in the hands of our Quarterback. The possibilities are not over, and in this sense it reminds a lot of NBA 2K.

The Quarterback is the player who channels everything that happens in the field. While trying to block the defense of the rivals, with him we have to make decisions in just seconds. If what we want to do is send a ball to one of our teammates, we will first have to select which one is; The second, the type of reception. There is one of possession to try to save the position, another that allows us to continue running if we stop at the right time and one of aggressive that is to force a high jump, for example, if we are going to fall within the scoring zone. This implies that beyond the strategy and the decision making, the player has to know what kind of reception to do, to control the race and be precise when connecting the pass with the runner.

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The sensations with these controls are very good, and although we will suffer in the beginning to advance yards with passes that cut before the defenses, others that we do not attack well and others that go directly outside, to which one begins to play during long sessions ends up caught For a simple and very effective formula: the decision making puts you in tension, but the satisfaction for a correct advance is enormous. Of course, not only the pass lives the NFL attack.

Our QB can also decide to start running to seek eternal glory and break the defense of rival players. In previous installments we tried to prop up this mechanic with several movements and feints that have been somewhat simplified on this occasion. Once we start the race we will be able to brake, to make breaks and even some small jumps at certain moments to overcome the enemy defenses. Here you have to take into account the strategy plays and the formations, since they are thought to look for the pass and others are to invite the QB to run with the ball in the hands.

Once we score or have to return the ball because we have finished possession of attack, will play kick the ball. The mechanics is very simple, calculating the trajectory according to the wind and the length to which we want to send the oval ball and then pressing the trigger button on a bar as if it were a typical golf game. This is when it starts probably the most complicated to master in Madden 17: defense.

Defense allows us to choose the type of training and select through various commands the actions that each of the team members want them to perform. We have many options, and when it seems that everything is controlled, it comes into action and be skillful with our movements. It's the most interesting thing about Madden: it forces you to use the board as a few sports-not one, we would say-but it also demands that the execution live up to the plan. Is not a Strategy game that you draw and what happens planned, much less. And that brings you a double comforting experience.Madden NFL 17 (360) ScreenshotWhen the rival QB has the ball already in motion is when we start to defend. We can choose to control any of the players of the equipment and pressing the corresponding buttons we can fight with the rivals and try to surpass them to go for the match to the QB. When we get close to who has the ball, a mark tells us where we would cover the space in an alleged tackle or defense movement. Pressing the button to top the opponent at the right time is what will mark the success or failure. And a player on the ground while the rival goes to the race is a tremendous advantage.
Beyond the one-on-one, we will have absolute control of the players who all move with logic, following their marks as it should be. To which the rival QB launches the pass we can select who to control to try to intercept it, disturb the receiver or start trimming ground before it finally escapes. The problem of defense is that it requires a lot of precision, and if we do not control well the space that each player has to occupy, we can leave holes that enemy AI takes advantage without compassion even at Rookie level and we do not say anything online.

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