Turbo Diesel Injection

The new Renault Mégane shows that the compact market modernizes, and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta has to stay on top not to do too much and forget behind. Indeed, we expect its renewal only in 2018, it has yet to be done in a context of fierce competition. It keeps some formidable assets, a charming dress and below revived day. Enough to be seduced?

Say it right away, it will not be obvious to the average person to distinguish the newer of the preceding Giulietta restyling. Obviously most of the work, as usual, is on the front bumper, slightly redesigned in its lower part. But not only, as it becomes more than ever Alfa Romeo, with a more imposing grille, proudly representing the arms of the house. The rear bumper is also entitled to some cosmetic alterations. Overall, the visual identity is the link with the Giulia will happen later in the year. Transalpine manufacturer had concocted a design at the model output in 2010, which is aging rather well and does not appear especially shifted the face of current productions. We might even say that it gets better with time.

Inside, the manufacturer modernizes the existing, with materials a little more flattering and counters set up to date. We love the sight of this very Italian upholstery pattern that does not unattractiveness. Everything looks luxurious, but some assembly grievances slightly reminiscent of his age face the latest competing productions. It equips with the latest technology in vogue, particularly the Uconnect touch screen with applications embellishing life on board. But the lack of advanced driving aids will not help him do prefer a more modern compact. Some of them are starting to become the norm in the segment, while they will still nonexistent in the Alfa Romeo for a little while.

The 1.6 JTDM (turbodiesel) 120 hp goes to the Giulietta. This small 4-cylinder with e
nergy to spare but please especially for its versatility. In life everyday, regulatory gaits, it does its job by providing passengers. More simply, he knows how to forget. It even may reflect the best configuration with the TCT dual-clutch gearbox. It rolls smoothly, with a modest power, happens without violence. Reports strung smoothly, greatly benefits the comfort on board. In our reality, consumption is then established between 6 and 7 liters and goes much beyond, even in the worst cases.

When we increase the pace, our Alfa Romeo did not blush, thanks to the DNA and driving modes. But that's not the handling of rigor of a Golf or Peugeot 308 which are references in this field. Again, special mention in these conditions to the gearbox and its minimum response time when you move the pallets. Strangely, it is expected somewhere in this beautiful Alfa Romeo, that is a good basis, but some "imperfections" that nourish the character of this Italian. Obviously we always will claim more dynamic and a more manly amortization, being even ready to trim a little on the comfort / driving pleasure. But more powerful versions are in the range for the most demanding happily.

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